The Importance Of Acknowledgement, Empathy And Compassion

Our discussion of communication skills must include learning about the Importance of acknowledging, in a prompt manner, a Phone call, Text or Email message. Acknowledgement is a very important word because without giving that to anyone you meet, or hear from, you are discounting their importance. As we have learned not to avoid addressing someone… Read more »

The Importance of Eye Contact

The way you look at others says a lot. Eye contact is one of the most effective ways to acknowledge someone’s presence.  (When adding a smile to it, eye contact may even be interpreted as “I will be with you in a moment.”) Some people are not good at making eye contact. When eye contact… Read more »

Understanding the Social Differences between an Introvert and an Extrovert.

 America was founded on the principles of freedom, the melting pot of diversity, individualism, all attractive concepts, especially to an Introvert. Today, however, America has become an outward and upward society, conquering, building, competing, buying out, improving—extroverting. There is a misconception that all Introverts are Shy People. That needs to be corrected. The definition of… Read more »

A Smile Can Assist You In Being More In Control

When was the last time you smiled at someone without giving it a second thought? When was the last time someone caught you off guard by smiling at you, and received a smile in return? The Webster’s Dictionary defines a smile as “to express amusement, pleasure or affection.” A smile may also be defined as… Read more »