The Importance Of Acknowledgement, Empathy And Compassion

Our discussion of communication skills must include learning about the Importance of acknowledging, in a prompt manner, a Phone call, Text or Email message. Acknowledgement is a very important word because without giving that to anyone you meet, or hear from, you are discounting their importance. As we have learned not to avoid addressing someone we have met, if you have forgotten their name, it is rude not to respond to anyone’s message in a timely manner.

Everyone wants and needs to be acknowledged. That is just Human Nature. Without that, we are diminished in importance. So, no matter how busy you may be, take a few seconds to respond, even if you just say ”Hi, got your message. Very busy, will get back to you soon.”

In this way, the person is acknowledged, feels respected and not avoided. And you are considered courteous, and good mannered.

Empathy is another important characteristic of a person.

You have empathy for someone who is going through a difficult time, or incident. By empathizing, you are identifying with what is happening to them. You are identifying their need to be understood. It is an act of comfort to be heard, and understood. A person that can show empathy to another, has a kind and considerate nature.

The ability to identify with someone’s hurt, pain, or fear, shows others that you care for them, and not are selfish or self-absorbed.

 The ability to give compassion however, is more emotional.

When you show someone compassion, you are identifying with his situation emotionally, as though you could feel his anger or pain, as though it was happening to you. We show compassion when someone is suffering a loss of a loved one, a job, or anything precious to that person. It is our ability to “put ourselves in their shoes” which gives comfort to that person.

A well-rounded person has the ability to convey all three; they are not rude, but acknowledge or respond to others in a timely manner; they can reach out to someone with empathy and give encouragement; and they know how to be compassionate to those who are suffering. Someone who truly likes People, values friendship, and has a healthy respect for others,  is someone who is highly regarded with whomever he or she meets and befriends.