Professional Polish for
Business Women

A Master Class for Business Women seeking a more Polished Presence

Objective to the Polish for Women

The Objective Of This Course

This 12-Hour Course focuses on Professional Presence for the Business Woman seeking to enhance her career. It provides an exploration of Personal Style, Posture and Poise, as well as the foundation of Business and Social Etiquette. The Training includes Body Language and Communication Skills as well as Table Etiquette & Dining Skills. It concluded with a formal Dining Tutorial Luncheon after which a Certificate of Achievement will be presented.

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Outline For This Training

  • Part One

    Professional Appearance & Polish- 3 hours (1 session)
    Topics include: Figure Analysis, Personal Style, Posture & Poise, Walking & Sitting,

  • Part Two

    Communication Skills Workshop: 3 hours (1 session)
    Topics Include: Proper Listening, Conversation Skills, Making Small Talk. Understanding the Power of Body Language: Facial & Body Gestures, How To Read Other People, How to Deal with Difficult People, Men & Women in the Business Workplace, Understanding Cultural differences.

  • Part Three

    Business & Table Etiquette :- 6 hours (On a Saturday)
    Topics include:

    1st Session: Etiquette: Proper Social & People Skills for Business; Proper Eye Contact, Handshakes, Making Introductions, Giving & Receiving Compliments, Letter writing, How to Work A Room of Strangers.

    2nd Session: Table Etiquette & Dining Skills: Understanding Place Settings, Napkin Etiquette, American & Continental Dining Styles, Proper posture & Hygiene at the table, Resting & Finishing Positions of Silverware. Use of Bread & Butter Dish, Proper way to eat Salad & Soup. Duties of a Host and a Guest, Making Toasts.

    This will be included in the Tutorial Luncheon.


Karina Ycaza, Age 38

I am eternally grateful for my experience with your program. I knew I had to do something like this! I have learned how to be my best, to improve my business manners as well as polish my appearance as an Executive Assistant. I have enjoyed our conversations, and your guidance about my communication skills. I now understand the value of slowing down my speech, and listening better. It has meant the world to me! I look at things differently now, and feel more confident about my Executive position. Thank you so much for your help and dedication.

Trashia Crenshaw, Age 32

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am to have met and train with you. It was indeed one of the most pleasant experiences of my life. You are a kind person, and your delivery is exceptional. You have put me on a path that I know will lead to greatness in my career. I can say that I am now a better person on the inside, and outside, before I started my training with you.

Thanks so much! You are great!

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