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woman in classroom teaching kidsAre you a Trainer, Instructor, Educator, Coach, or Parent… interested in expanding your market reach, or starting an interesting and fulfilling business? Are you interested in adding another professional credential or providing a necessary service to your community?

Are you interested in becoming certified as an Etiquette Instructor to promote social protocol and decorum for young, developing minds, as well as Teenagers and Young Adults?

Today’s Society has reached a low level, with the increase of Bullying and negative behavior generally pervasive through every age group. There is a great need for Etiquette Instruction at Colleges, Church and other Community Organizations.


Roslyn Rolan, CIP, is now celebrating 23 years as owner of the Image & Etiquette Institute. It is her wish to train as many as she can in her work before she retires. She has an extensive Fashion background of Forty years as a former model, Barbizon Trainer, Fashion Industry Executive, and nationally has been recognized by the New York Times, in 1976, as New Jersey’s “First Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper”. She is currently regarded as New Jersey’s Top Image and Etiquette Coach.

To become Certified as an Etiquette Instructor involves between 15 to 40 hours of training. Depending on the background of the applicant, and the Program selected, the training can be either presented over three days or two months.

The following is included in the Training with Ms. Rolan:

One Training Manual (300+ pages) which is the foundation for every Etiquette Program. It contains modules in Personal Grooming, Posture & Poise, Wardrobe Planning, Social Intelligence, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Verbal & Nonverbal Communications, Table Etiquette & Dining Skills.

  • Training Options and Seminar Outlines
  • Sample of Stationary for Marketing Pieces and Workbook Covers
  • Workbook Mechanical for Each Program
  • Marketing/Advertising Tactics
  • Setting Your Fees
  • Course Quizzes and Cartoon Worksheets
  • Training on How to Make Displays

To be Certified as a Children & Teen Etiquette Consultant & Trainer, for Ages 6 through 18.

A Dining Tutorial Luncheon is included at the end of the Training.

We do offer Payment Plans after the initial deposit.

You will be given a complete Presenters Manual and Mechanical Workbooks for each Program:

  • “Polish Plus” -for High School Students
  • “Winning Ways” -for Middle School Students
  • “Shining Stars”- for Elementary Students

You will receive an “Image & Etiquette Institute of N.J. “Tote Bag with your Training, as well as a Certificate as an “Etiquette Consultant”
from the Institute.

Individual Training, with bookings 4 -6 weeks in advance. Register for a 2022 Certification Training Program, and receive $100 off your Tuition.

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