Contemporary Communication
Skills for Adults

Break out of your discomfort when meeting strangers and shine in all your communications!

Contemporary Communication for Adults Training

The Objective Of This Course

This is a customized Eight-Hour Program which is presented in three Sessions for busy business people seeking to improve their overall Conversational Skills, as well as understand the power of Body Language, and How to Read Other People. It includes Topics on social skills and how to create a more polished presence, and ends with a Dining Tutorial Luncheon and Certificate of Achievement.

Weekday Afternoons or Saturday Morning Sessions, Refreshments offered. This includes the Course Materials & Tutorial Lunch.

Outline of Program

  • Part 1 - Communication Skills- 4 Hours

    Session 1 Contemporary Social Skills: Making Introductions
    Proper Greetings, Posture, Eye Contact, Making & Receiving Compliments.

    Session 2 Conversation Skills: Articulation/Pronunciation Exercises
    What makes someone “interesting to Others”? How to Be a good Listener, The Negatives of procrastination, The Importance of Acknowledging People, How to make Small Talk & be opened to all Conversations, How to Start Conversations with Strangers.

  • Part 2 - Communication & Dining Skills -5 Hours

    Session 1 The Power of Body Language – 2 Hours
    How to control your Gestures -Facial Expressions, Positive & Negative Gestures, How to Read Other People For Win-Win Negotiations.

    Session 2 Table Etiquette & Dining Skills -3 Hours
    Understanding Place Settings & Napkin Etiquette, Proper Posture at the table, American & Continental Dining Styles.


Alexander Carter, 43


I can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful teaching! I came to you at the recommendation of my boss, not knowing what to expect. I became so comfortable in your office and with your communication training, that I truly enjoyed coming to your sessions. I learned so much about myself, and it was such a help to make that display board of all my facial expressions! I now have that on my desk at my office to keep as a reminder of how I look at all times! There were so many positive things I learned about business etiquette and managerial skills, I just can’t thank you enough. I think I really miss our time together.

Sophia Yu, Age 52

Dear Ms. Rolan,
It is with great gratitude that I write my feedback for your class. Since accepting your etiquette and communications guidance, I have become full of confidence. I no longer worry about My language barrier. I started to speak with greater volume, and have overcome many mental hangups, and my Presentation  skills have greatly improved.

Thank you again, Ms. Rolan.

Your Student,

Sophia Yu
Age 52

Cynthia Santos, Age 34

Dear Ms. Rolan,

I loved my experience with you. I learned so much which helped me make many improvements, and I am most thankful. The lessons I learned will help me with my career, and I hope to teach my children proper table manners and how to speak and address others.

I enjoyed the class on how to properly dress, and I will always cherish your quotes. For example: “A personal polished image is the first thing people will see when they meet you, so when you leave your home, be ready for all possibilities.” Thanks to Ms. Roslyn, I am ready.

Cynthia Santos

Age 34

Nelcy Nunez, Age 29

Dear Ms. Roslyn,

I appreciate the time and attention you’ve invested in me during the month we worked together. I am personally on a journey of growth and self-improvement, and you’ve made a meaningful contribution to it. We worked on developing greater strength to my voice and my Presentation skills, which I truly needed.

After working with you, I feel I have a greater understanding of the basics of communication and etiquette. I also feel I have the direction now to continue to dive deeper into developing my skills for my future business. Besides that, your openness has helped me become wiser as a woman. Spending time with you, Ms. Roslyn, was truly a gift.

Thank you for all your effort.

Nelcy Nunez,
Age 29
April 20, 2023

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