A Smile Can Assist You In Being More In Control

When was the last time you smiled at someone without giving it a second thought? When was the last time someone caught you off guard by smiling at you, and received a smile in return?

The Webster’s Dictionary defines a smile as “to express amusement, pleasure or affection.” A smile may also be defined as accepting yourself and the situations around you enough to accept others. And the way to display this form of acceptance is by smiling.

A sincere smile can mean, “I like me enough to like you.” This gesture also can assist you in being more in control of others by putting them at ease.

Effective managers recognize the power of a smile when communicating with their staff. For example, a manager may not have the time to stop and talk to an employee. However, acknowledging the person with a smile may keep the person from feeling ignored, or perhaps even from misinterpreting that the manager is angry at the person.

A smile is one of the most effective nonverbal gestures for people to communicate acceptance to others.

When you smile, make sure your teeth are in good shape and clean, with no tea or coffee stains on the enamel, or with an unpleasant odor. Good dental health is very important to having a great smile.