Testimonial Category: Contemporary Communications Teens

Joseph Haury In Regards to His Son Caleb Haury

Good afternoon Roslyn, Thank you so much for your energy and time that you invested in Caleb. We are very happy with the curriculum you designed, the knowledge you provided, and your approach in coaching/teaching him. You were always well prepared and the documents you provided are very thorough. Caleb is a naturally shy teenager…. Read more »

Caleb Haury, 16

Dear Ms. Roslyn, Throughout your course there have been many things I have learned and found helpful. The ones which have helped the most have been in social etiquette with making introductions, eye contact with the safety zone, and making sure you are well groomed. I enjoyed learning about body language and how to read… Read more »

William Du , Age 17

Thank you for your instruction and effort Ms. Roslyn. Although I was out of my comfort zone for a good portion of the process, it was rewarding for an introvert like myself to face obstacles when learning social skills and etiquette. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on learning fashion wardrobe techniques, and researching styles in… Read more »

Cynthia Santos, Age 34

Dear Ms. Rolan, I loved my experience with you. I learned so much which helped me make many improvements, and I am most thankful. The lessons I learned will help me with my career, and I hope to teach my children proper table manners and how to speak and address others. I enjoyed the class… Read more »

Angelique Fuentes, Age 16

Dear Ms. Rolan, I found this course very helpful. It made me realize that I should really put myself out there and to always talk to someone that’s alone, or might need company. I learned how to walk so I don’t seem unpleasant to approach, and to always keep smiling. I will use all the… Read more »

Vanessa Marrocco, Age 17

Dear Coach Roslyn, It has been such a pleasure and honor to learn from your etiquette and Communications Program. I have learned so much that I will be able to use next year in college and beyond. Thank you for your time and hospitality. You’re a wonderful teacher, I never got bored! I cannot wait… Read more »

Menna Attia, Age 17

Coach Roslyn, Thank you for making me feel confident. I got out of my shell and have started communicating better with peers and teachers at school. I made new friends, who I approached, and used the tactics that you taught me. This course has taught me so much. Thank you for the hospitality and the… Read more »

Andrew Merchant, 19

Dear Roslyn, I just want to say thank you so much for the time you gave me. I have definitely learned so much information and feel so much more confident. I know I will take all you have taught me into my future. Thank you for giving me that nail polish to help me stop… Read more »

Mark Shore, 17

Dear Ms. Rolan, I learned a lot of valuable skills from this training program. You taught me an easy way to make eye contact with people without staring. And you taught me how to respectfully eat at dinner. You also showed me that I have a really nice voice and the ability to talk to an… Read more »

Matthew Shore, 19

Thank you Ms. Rolan for being such a good teacher. I have a greater understanding of how to present myself to strangers and the need to broaden my mind with new ideas and interests, so that I have more to offer in conversations with new people. I also feel more confident that it’s ok to… Read more »