Joseph Haury In Regards to His Son Caleb Haury

Good afternoon Roslyn,

Thank you so much for your energy and time that you invested in Caleb. We are very happy with the curriculum you designed, the knowledge you provided, and your approach in coaching/teaching him. You were always well prepared and the documents you provided are very thorough.

Caleb is a naturally shy teenager. However, since your sessions together, he has been noticeably more open to conversation and engaging in dialog. For example, he had a conversation with a of couple adults, whom he his relatively unfamiliar with, about his new job during a BBQ this past weekend. Previously, he would not have been able to communicate as clearly and confidently prior to working with you.

Your preparation efforts for his summer camp and school related leadership activities have also pushed him outside of his comfort zone in a positive way. Walking into his week-long summer camp at Steven’s Institute of Technology he was nervous but felt very prepared for dorm living and social mingling due to your instruction.

He has told us about the many other lessons you have taught him and we are very appreciative. Overall, you exceeded our expectations and we thank you for your hard work!

Thanks you,

August 15, 2023

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