James Lee, Attorney

Thank you for your insight, your understanding, and all your wonderful advice. Before meeting you, as a recent graduate out of law school (Seton Hall University), I was overwhelmed by the pressures of being an inexperienced professional in a competitive industry. I had no idea how to communicate my worth to a hiring firm.

In our session on communication skills and presentation I learned how to respond to interview questions and how to communicate with others more effectively. What impressed me most was how much I learned about myself, my self-image, and how I express myself. The session gave me the tools and the direction that I needed to develop myself as a professional, and it gave me great confidence in different social settings.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your kindness and understanding in being sensitive to the situation of young graduates entering the workforce, especially my own position. The discount you made available for me made my opportunity for professional development possible and paved the road for the next steps in my career. After we met I landed the first job for which I interviewed. I am now experiencing the start of a rewarding career as an attorney.

Thank you for all your help.

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