Testimonial Category: Speaking Engagement

PSG Facilitator, NJ Dept. of Labor – Amanda Young

Roslyn, your presentation was energetic and invigorating! You were able to delve into How-To’s of Making Great First Impressions and Good Body Language with great interaction with our audience of unemployed professionals. You’re an excellent speaker and motivator, able to relate to people at all levels of business experience. Many thanks.

Global Accounts, CHUBB & Son – Kathleen S. Ellis, Senior Vice President

Roslyn my management team were pleased with your ‘Professional Image Development’ Seminar. Our objectives were achieved and everyone thought it was a fun session. I believe the training provided my global group with a greater understanding of the importance of congruency between their body language and the spoke word, business etiquette, and appropriate business attire.

NJALS – Gloria Coppola, Vice President

On behalf of NJALS….the association for legal professionals, I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak to our members. They found both the style and substance of your presentation interesting and informative. Many members were discussing at lunch their desire to enhance their personal packaging!

Chilton Memorial Hospital – Jasalyn King, Health Educator

I want to personally thank you for your presentation, “Looking Great With Your Shape” at our Health & Wellness Program for women 35 years old and older. The program was well received by everyone, and the audience appreciated all the tips you shared.

MetLife Women’s Investment Network – Patricia Haverland, President

Thank you very much for the lively and informative presentation to MetLife Investment’s Women’s Investment Network. You were able to Impart the value of both proper etiquette skills and image projection. A number of my colleagues commented on how useful the session was, and that they intended to integrate what they learned immediately.