Testimonial Category: Contemporary Communications Adults

Hunter Cassatly, Age 15

Coach Roslyn, My time spent in your class has been very informative and helpful. You have helped me with my nervous tics. You helped me develop a much-needed wardrobe, researching some clothing online with me. I enjoyed my public speaking exercise in class, and am impressed that you liked my voice! Table Etiquette instruction was… Read more »

Harrison Cassatly, Age 20

Dear Ms. Roslyn, I do appreciate your pointers on how not to appear “creepy” to girls on campus. I think that was very helpful because sometimes when I try to start a conversation with them, they say I am “strange”. So I think that is because I just didn’t know how to approach them. You… Read more »

Samuel Cassatly, Age 22

Dear Coach Roslyn, My time in your course has helped me a lot with being more conscious of how I present myself to others. I learned about how to improve my postures to look more confident, and to be better groomed so my long hair is away from my face and my beard is trimmed… Read more »

Nelcy Nunez, Age 29

Dear Ms. Roslyn, I appreciate the time and attention you’ve invested in me during the month we worked together. I am personally on a journey of growth and self-improvement, and you’ve made a meaningful contribution to it. We worked on developing greater strength to my voice and my Presentation skills, which I truly needed. After… Read more »

Cynthia Santos, Age 34

Dear Ms. Rolan, I loved my experience with you. I learned so much which helped me make many improvements, and I am most thankful. The lessons I learned will help me with my career, and I hope to teach my children proper table manners and how to speak and address others. I enjoyed the class… Read more »

Sophia Yu, Age 52

Dear Ms. Rolan, It is with great gratitude that I write my feedback for your class. Since accepting your etiquette and communications guidance, I have become full of confidence. I no longer worry about My language barrier. I started to speak with greater volume, and have overcome many mental hangups, and my Presentation  skills have… Read more »

Alexander Carter, 43

2018 I can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful teaching! I came to you at the recommendation of my boss, not knowing what to expect. I became so comfortable in your office and with your communication training, that I truly enjoyed coming to your sessions. I learned so much about myself, and it was… Read more »