Testimonial Category: Contemporary Communications Adults

Nelcy Nunez, Age 29

Dear Ms. Roslyn, I appreciate the time and attention you’ve invested in me during the month we worked together. I am personally on a journey of growth and self-improvement, and you’ve made a meaningful contribution to it. We worked on developing greater strength to my voice and my Presentation skills, which I truly needed. After… Read more »

Cynthia Santos, Age 34

Dear Ms. Rolan, I loved my experience with you. I learned so much which helped me make many improvements, and I am most thankful. The lessons I learned will help me with my career, and I hope to teach my children proper table manners and how to speak and address others. I enjoyed the class… Read more »

Sophia Yu, Age 52

Dear Ms. Rolan, It is with great gratitude that I write my feedback for your class. Since accepting your etiquette and communications guidance, I have become full of confidence. I no longer worry about My language barrier. I started to speak with greater volume, and have overcome many mental hangups, and my Presentation  skills have… Read more »

Alexander Carter, 43

2018 I can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful teaching! I came to you at the recommendation of my boss, not knowing what to expect. I became so comfortable in your office and with your communication training, that I truly enjoyed coming to your sessions. I learned so much about myself, and it was… Read more »