Testimonial Category: Charm Etiquette

Cynthia Santos, Age 34

Dear Ms. Rolan, I loved my experience with you. I learned so much which helped me make many improvements, and I am most thankful. The lessons I learned will help me with my career, and I hope to teach my children proper table manners and how to speak and address others. I enjoyed the class… Read more »

Nicole Nagorny, 16

I can’t thank you enough for having me in your Social Etiquette & Communication Skills Class. I go over my course binder often and it reminds me of how much I benefitted from your training. I feel a major improvement in my social interactions now, and no longer have anxiety or feel the entire world… Read more »

Vincent Principe, 9

I think the program was so much fun. My favorite part was when we colored and learned handshakes, and how to eat nicely.

Nicholas Principe, 11

Thank you for teaching us how to be well-mannered and to get along better. I enjoyed the Body Language, because now I will have a better way to understand what people are really saying. I also liked your using the musical bell with our exercises, and learning about handshakes. You are a nice person and… Read more »

Alexandria Principe, 13

I really enjoyed the phone game. It was one of my favorites. I really think you helped my brothers and me. I think we know have better table etiquette than our Dad. I think we will have to teach him some things. I want to thank you for dealing with the all of us. And… Read more »

Jonathan Grimaldos, 13

The thing I enjoyed the most was the Table Etiquette. I never knew what was for what. Also, I enjoyed public speaking, and how to speak with more volume. Thanks for an enjoyable time.

Stephanie Grimaldos, 13

What I learned most in this course was perfecting my communication skills; How to speak slower and clearer. What I liked best was the Table Etiquette, how to eat properly. I learned many new things about dining, and know they will be very useful. You taught me very important things. Thank you very much.

Gabriela Gomez, 9

Thank you for teaching me posture, social etiquette, public speaking and Table etiquette. I appreciate your teaching me every Saturday.

Daniel Diaz, 16

Thank you very, very much for teaching new things that I will need in preparation for my future. You were very special and nice as our teacher. My favorite thing was learning body language, conversation skills and proper dining.