Etiquette Certification Programs


Do you want to expand your market reach? Are you interested in learning how becoming an Etiquette Instructor & Consultant can broaden your customer base, and provide a necessary service to organizations, corporations, colleges and schools, and community groups across the New York Tri-State area? Are you interested in achieving another Certification to add to all your professional credentials? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on:

Through the past 20 years, I have been a forerunner in Professional Image Development, Communication Skills and Etiquette Training. I introduced Etiquette and Leadership Programs to all the aforementioned groups across New Jersey. My adult programs reflect the current needs of people either in business, seeking to enhance their corporate presence, or those transitioning from one career to another in the challenging economic environment.

During the past 10 years, I have developed Presenter’s Manuals for Instructors wishing to be Certified to teach my Charm Programs for Girls ages 11 to 18, as well as Presenter’s Manuals which focus on how to teach the fundamentals of Etiquette for Children and Teenagers.

To become Certified as an Etiquette Instructor involves 25 hours of training, either over a week or a month. The Train-The-Trainer program includes instruction in the fundamentals of Social Etiquette, Business Etiquette, International Protocol, Electronic Etiquette, Communication Skills, Body Language, Table Etiquette & Dining skills. The training includes demonstration on how to teach the different programs for Children,
Teenagers and Young Adults. To become Certified to teach the Charm and Etiquette programs would involve 40 Hours which could be spread over a two month period.

I look forward to meeting with you, and sharing my work with you. It is my hope to inspire many instructors to spread the good word about the importance of being courteous and respectful. The ultimate goal of this training, is to give students and clients a competitive edge to win in their lives. Hopefully, this will ultimately inspire a return to Civility to our Society.

– Roslyn Rolan

The following is included in the Training:

  • Two Training Manuals (300+ pages) which are the foundation for every Etiquette Program.  They address modules in Personal & Professional Appearance, Posture & Poise, Wardobe Planning, Social Intelligence, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Verbal & Nonverbal Communications, Table Etiquette & Dining Skills.
  • Training Options and Seminar Outlines
  • Sample of Stationary for Marketing Pieces and Workbook Covers
  • Workbook Mechanical for Each Program
  • Marketing/Advertising Tactics
  • Setting Your Fees
  • Course Quizzes and Cartoon Worksheets
  • Training on How to Make Displays


To be Certified in the Charm 101 & 102 Programs: $3,599.00

  • For Girls ages 11-18

To be Certified in each Etiquette Programs:  $499

  • Winning  Ways for Middle School Students
  • Polish Plus for High School Students
  • Business Protocol, Social Etiquette & Communications for Adults

To be Certified in the Complete Training Library…..$4,999

Included in your training you will receive:

  • An “Image & Etiquette Institute of N.J.” Tote Bag
  • A Professional Certificate as an “Etiquette Consultant” From the Institute.

Dear Ms. Rolan,
The training I received from your Institute helped me to design an etiquette and charm program for teenage girls; specifically, a workshop to teach teenage girls posture & poise, and proper walking and sitting. The workshop has been so successful that l I have been repeatedly asked to return to organizations to present it along with other aspects of etiquette. My company, “Esthers of Tomorrow”, was created to help young girls achieve greater self esteem and confidence in their teenage years. In recent years, I have included programs for younger children aligning my services with different Day camps in the South Jersey area.
To date, I have trained close to 400 girls from ages 12 to 18. I know I have helped them increase their self-awareness and personal presence, and that has been most fulfilling. Thank you for your training. I know learning your basic Charm Course curriculum has enriched my service, and given me a wonderful career.”
Best Regards,
Mary Collins Owner, Esthers of Tomorrow
Clayton, NJ

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Train-the-Trainer certifications are based on individualized training, scheduled 4 -6 weeks in advance.