Executive Training Programs

All Training Programs include a Course Binder and any materials needed.

We can’t escape the fact that it takes only 30 seconds to make a first impression, and the rest of your life to undo it.

-Roslyn Rolan

Business & Social Etiquette-a 12-Hour Program

This Course examines the basics, most importantly, to be considerate of others: dress/appearance, the workplace versus social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and the “handshake”, conversation skills/small talk, dealing with difficult people and interruptions, and electronic etiquette. This training will help participants look and sound their best no matter what the situation.

Communications- a 10-Hour Program

This Course helps the participant develop and deliver a pitch, using a cell phone to record the voice); it helps when networking, interviewing or meeting a new client. It also will focus on proper articulation & breathing, how to be a good listener and to learn proper presentation skills.

Table Etiquette & Dining Skills- 5-Hour Program

Etiquette is about making someone comfortable: It is 2/3 Courtesy and 1/3 Common Sense.

-Roslyn Rolan

Learn how to finesse any dining situation, from plated to buffet. Understand how to maneuver around place settings, napkin etiquette, making small talk, how to pass food and be served, the American and Continental styles of Dining, proper wines for each course, how to make toasts and be toasted, and the duties of the Host and the Guest. A restaurant dining tutorial is optional for additional $59.

Modern Day Adult Finishing School- 8-Hour Program

This full-day program offers a busy executive or graduate student a condensed Etiquette training, with a concentration on Professional Presence, Business Etiquette, Body Language & Communication Skills, Table Etiquette and Dining Skills. A Dining Tutorial Lunch is included.

Empowerment Training for Women-20-Hour Program

A Wardrobe is always evolving…just as you are always evolving…one thing remains constant….You Are The Message.

-Roslyn Rolan

Whether she is in a career transition, or returning to the workplace after a long absence, or is seeking to grow in her current position, this customized program is designed to help increase a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. When you know how to dress, and how to act appropriately for all occasions, you become comfortable with yourself, and more approachable to people you want to impress. Learning how to achieve a polished Appearance and Manner, and how to speak effectively, will greatly enhance a woman’s opportunities in business and her social life.

The Training Sessions include:  Color Analysis & Body Profile, Breathing & Vocal Articulation, Conversation Skills, Smart Listening, Networking, How to Work a Room of Strangers, Personal Style & Wardrobe Planning, Social & Business Etiquette, Body Language & How To Read Other People, Workplace Etiquette, Table Etiquette & Dining Skills. This is a Private Training program.

Independent Study- Performance Coaching

This is a private training program which allows the client to select specific areas for in-depth training: There are modules for Personal & Professional Appearance and Wardrobe, Communication skills, Posture & Poise, Business & Table Etiquette.  This usually requires a 3-Month Coaching period to enable the client, through repetition, to develop a clear understand of how to create and maintain a polished appearance and manner. This is supported with a 2-hour session each week and 2 phone consultations monthly. An option is to have a Personal Shopping experience with the Coach. A Dining Tutorial at an upscale restaurant is at the end of the training.

Students in the aforementioned Programs are presented with a Certificate of Achievements or Completion from the Institute at the end of their Training.