Etiquette & Leadership Programs

Celebrating over 20 years of success helping Men & Women excel in their careers and their lives, helping Children, Teens and College Students learn the skills to outclass their competition. All our Adult Programs are private and confidential. Our Children and Teenage Programs are limited to 4 in each class, but 2 is preferred. This allows for the comfort and attention given to each child. We also encourage at least 2 in each class for the social interaction exercises which are part of the training in their programs. Refreshments are offered at each class, and a spirit of fun and relaxation exists throughout all programs. All programs are scheduled a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. During the school year, Saturday classes are available. Weekday classes are offered Tuesday and Thursdays, from 10:00AM to 7:00PM.

**All our Adult Programs are private and confidential**