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In our global community and highly competitive society, the ability to succeed, in any endeavor, depends on having good social skills and a polished presence. People make judgments about you in less than 30 seconds, without your saying one word. Making a great first impression is vital, because you never get a second chance to make one.

In the past 20 years, my training company, The Image & Etiquette Institute of New Jersey®, has helped men and women excel in their careers by learning how to develop a professional image and manner. We also have helped raise the self-esteem and confidence of students who have taken our leadership training programs.

In 2000 we introduced several programs for children and teens (ages 8-18) including Charm, Etiquette and Beauty Pageant Training. Based on the success of these programs we now offer training to educators, instructors, coaches and homemakers to become certified to teach our curriculum as image & etiquette consultants.

We serve the New York Metropolitan area including Manhattan, New Jersey and Southern Connecticut. Please browse through my site and discover how my training programs can help you, your company, or your family achieve desired goals and greater success.

Perception Is Reality. What they see you do, is what they are going to believe is true.  The way people perceive us can enhance or devalue our presence.

– Roslyn Rolan

ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2017, ROSLYN ROLAN, ETIQUETTE EXPERT, WAS ASKED TO PARTICIPATE ON A UNIVISION TV SEGMENT. The Spanish language company wanted to segue into the current release of the movie KINGMAN, to have a discussion about “How To Be A Proper Gentleman”. The result was a more comical conversation on the part of the host and hostess.