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In our global community and highly competitive society, the ability to succeed, in any endeavor, depends on having good social skills and a polished presence. People make judgments about you in less than 30 seconds, without your saying one word. Making a great first impression is vital, because you never get a second chance to make one.

In the past 10 years, my training company, The Image & Etiquette Institute of New Jersey®, has helped men and women excel in their careers by learning how to develop a professional image and manner. We also have helped raise the self-esteem and confidence of young girls and boys who have taken our Winning Ways leadership programs.

In 2006, we introduced two Charm Courses for young girls and instituted a full Beauty Pageant Training program in 2007. Based on the success of these new programs, we now offer a certified Train-The-Trainer course for instructors wanting to teach our Charm Courses.

Our client base is concentrated throughout Northern & Central New Jersey and Southern Connecticut. Please browse through my site and discover how my training programs can help you, your company, or your family achieve desired goals and greater success.


The Image & Etiquette Institute of New Jersey

Thank you for such a wonderful presentation about Professional Image and the message one sends when entering a room. We, as a society, have slipped so much in this area and the ramifications seem to be endless. You captivated our audience of State Executive Directors!

– Carol Gabel, Conference Manager, NJ Chamber of Commerce, Trenton, NJ

The Image & Etiquette Institute of New Jersey

The Image & Etiquette Institute of New Jersey

Roslyn Rolan, New Jersey's top image coach
Roslyn Rolan,
New Jersey's
Top Image Coach

can help you excel in
your career and in your life!

The Image & Etiquette Institute of New Jersey

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